Fruites tot l'any, S.L.

Fruites Tot L’Any S.L. was born in the year 2003 and it is located in Alzira (Valencia, Spain). In our crops, which are respectful with the environment in Valencia and Murcia, we count with our own production of citrus fruits, persimmons, pomegranates and stone fruits and we are specialized in the German market and distribution.

The areas of distribution are Valencia and Murcia. The crop is developed in a respectful way towards the environment in order to respect the useful fauna, monitoring the plots all through the cycle of farming so as to guarantee the alimentary security of our products.

The plots are registered in Globalgap, and we submit them to multiresidual analysis periodically.

The work realized has let us adapt ourselves to the new demands of our clients and their consume as well:

Control and Traceability

Our crops

Get to know our offer of fruit of maximum quality.


We offer the tranquility of working with reliable enterprises:


Careful packaging, meeting the quality of our products.

Our crops

El Pilar

Plantation of citrus fruit

La Casola

Plantation of citrus fruit


Plantation of citrus fruit

Pla Maresme

Plantation of citrus fruit


Plantation of citrus fruit

Biologic fight

We eradicate the plagues using other insects that eliminate the plagues of cultivated plants.